Bridging the Gap Between Purchasers and Suppliers

Port of Industry was founded on the vision that businesses and industrial products should be purchased and sold as a free market just as everything else is sold throughout the world. Does this sound familiar? Manufacturers, manufacturers reps, distributors are near you but you have to wait for a lead time while your machine or manufacturing process is down. So you call around for “price and availability” to every other distributor spending hours and sometimes days to get an answer. Port of Industry is the better way for businesses and industrial companies to buy and sell products. Why should you wait 2-10 weeks for your local distributor who does not have the product you need, who has to order it from the manufacturer or even another distributor, then sell to you. Why not purchase the product from an actual stocking distributor? Port of Industry gives an advantage not only to the buyer but to the distributors that have products in stock. We believe both a customer and a stocking distributor lose out when going through the old fashioned supply chain process!