Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express cards that have a registered billing address to make credit card payments are accepted. For purchases beyond credit card limits, ACH transfer, checks and eChecks are accepted.

Allthough all Vendors are encouraged to offer Free Shipping service to all customers and all products, in some cases Free Shipping is not a viable option and the Vendor may charge a Shipping fee. Also, Shipping may be charged if the customer chooses one Shipper over another. Please communicate with the Vendor to resolve shipping options.

Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the Vendors location. Customers needing a specific ship to date may contact the Vendor so the Vendor can (if applicable) customize the shipping for the customer.

Port of Industry uses SSL, Secure Sockets Layers for the entire site, and secure checkout is established through a Secure Credit Card account, you can be rest assured the entire purchasing process id secure,tracked, and insured by most if not all banking institutions during checkout.

You will receive an email that your order was accepted. When your order is shipped you will get an email with the tracking number.

You will receive an invoice by email.

Each vendor is expected to provide technical support for their products or services.

Step by step instruction can be found here.

There are two ways to communicate with customers, email and chat. Chat is initiated by the customer, and the notification shows in your vendor dashboard. Port of Industry does keep a record of all chats, but not emails.

There are no preferred vendors at this time.

A Port of Industry account is free, but when items or services are sold these are the fees: 3% of gross for Stripe, 5% of gross for Port of industry, $2.00 each shipment plus shipping charges.

Once a month on the last day of the month, Port of Industries issues a payout direct to the vendors’ bank account. Payout is for all orders that are marked “Completed”, are older than 10 days, and have not been paid out before.

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